A tricky wasp situation…

Check out this news story about a wasp nest in Qualicum Beach, BC. It’s a big nest, for sure, but not particularly unusual in that regard. What makes it tricky is that it’s hanging from a power line.

This is often the case with wasps. Removing a nest is not that difficult, provided you have the right equipment. What makes it tricky is that wasps often pick the most inconvenient spots they can to start a nest. Often, accessing the nest is the hardest part of a wasp treatment. Especially since they will aggressively defend it. A wasp nest the size of the one in the article would put up quite a fight, I’m sure.

If you have wasps in your home or yard, don’t waste time and risk injury trying to treat it yourself. Over-the -counter chemicals can quickly end up costing nearly as much as it would to simply have us come out and take care of it for you. If you want to get rid of your wasps, call Green Frog Pest Control today!