Housing – The Lynda Steele Show – May 27

Description: CleanStart is celebrating their one-year contract anniversary with BC Housing, and six years of strong partnerships with nonprofit housing groups in Metro Vancouver. In the last year, CleanStart has been able to provide jobs for over 20 individuals facing barriers to employment, and it doesn’t stop there…
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Social entrepreneur faces unexpected growing pains as business booms

When junk removal company CleanStart started up almost five years ago in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, it was founded by one dedicated entrepreneur cleaning up hoarding in homes and garbage from alleyways.

But it wasn’t long before founder Dylan Goggs was offered far more work than he could take on alone. He needed to hire employees and was determined to stay true to a vision of building a social enterprise, providing training and employment to workers with …

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Vancouver’s CCS iHub aims to help social entrepreneurs stay in business

About three years ago, community worker Dylan Goggs tired of the trash that infested Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside, the poorest neighbourhood in Canada, began to think about how to clean it up.

Now, thanks to Vancouver’s Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub (CCS iHub), a unique program sponsored by UBC’s Sauder School of Business and Coast Capital Savings credit union, Goggs is doing something about it. He operates CleanStart …

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Cleaning up more than just the streets of Vancouver

CleanStart BC, a social enterprise located within Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), is focusing on positively impacting the community by providing services for its residents and giving jobs to those with barriers to employment. Working with both commercial and residential customers, they provide a wide range of services including junk removal and garbage and recycling pick-ups. Since receiving funding from Vancity, CleanStart has been able to purchase a new truck, which will allow it to tackle bigger projects and expand its business and clientele…

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Challenging clean-ups call for careful safety prep

Workers need protection when a clean-up job could possibly include used needles, human body fluids, animal corpses, and piles of rodent poo.

Clean-up crews get ready to disinfect and deodorize. Photo by Daisy Goggs.
Workers in such situations – not for the faint of heart – are required by BC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to use personal protective equipment (PPE) that includes appropriate respirators, coveralls, rubber gloves, and protective …

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Local company helps clean-up the Downtown Eastside

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Whether it’s an old computer, a broken TV, or a rotten mattress, there is no item in the Downtown Eastside that is off-limits for a company called Take The Green Challenge.

The local business has been cleaning up the troubled neighbourhood, one truck load at a time.

Dylan Goggs founded the company and says they collect recyclable material …

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If you want to scale, find your niche first

In spring 2010, Dylan Goggs bought a truck and started driving around Vancouver collecting junk. This was ground zero for CleanStart BC.

CleanStart is currently exploring the best time to purchase a second truck for the social enterprise.
The hoarding management and junk removal social enterprise quickly outgrew its planless structure and lack of budget. As CleanStart began to scale, what helped most was working with a consultant and the ISIS Research Centre at UBC…

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