Services for Property Managers

At Cleanstart BC, we understand the needs of property managers. Our experience in the challenging environment of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and close partnership with Non Profit Housing Providers have given us a unique perspective on the pest pressures of multi-unit housing, and the challenges that property managers can face when dealing with tenants.

For Property Managers

We’re more than just another pest control company. At Cleanstart BC, we offer services that very few other pest control companies can. Do you have a tenant that is unable to do the often arduous preparation required to treat bed bugs? We can take care of that for you. Is poor sanitation in a unit creating a cockroach problem in your building? We can clean it up before we treat, dramatically reducing the amount of treatments needed. Are mouse droppings creating a health hazard for your tenants and staff? Don’t worry, we can remove them for you.

We offer services outside the normal scope of a pest control company, all while creating employment and training opportunities in your community. Give Cleanstart BC a call today, and let us show you a different way to do pest control.