Green Frog Pest Control now open!

Hello Vancouver!

I’d like to take this space to tell you a little bit more about ourselves. If you’re here, you’re probably trying to choose a pest control company, and you want to know a little bit more about the company you may be inviting to your home or business in the Vancouver area.

Green Frog is a new company, but that doesn’t mean we lack experience. Our technicians have years of experience in the pest control industry and can offer effective, affordable treatments that really work.

Ok, so that’s what every company says. What makes Green Frog different?

We are a social enterprise. That means we are not in this business to make money for invisible shareholders or to fatten our own bank accounts. Our mission is to reinvest back into the community, right here in Vancouver. We use business to make a positive change where we live. By offering job opportunities and training to marginalized people, we help lift people out of poverty. People right here in the Lower Mainland. Your neighbours.

Why should you care? Because for every dollar invested in the Downtown Eastside, $3.32 comes back. Because eliminating poverty benefits us all. Because Vancouver is a beautiful place to live, and everyone should be able to share in it without having to worry about putting food on the table. Because when you give someone a chance to work their way out of poverty, they will work harder than anyone else.

Because of our unique mission and partnership with CleanStart BC, we are able to offer services no other pest control company can. Pest issues are often symptoms of other problems, so at Green Frog, we take a holistic approach to solving them. Having difficulty preparing for treatment? We can do it for you. Is your house cluttered, giving mice a food source and places to hide? We can remove the clutter and clean up the mess.Pest problems don’t happen overnight. At Green Frog, we take the time to find out why you are having issues with pests, and help you solve them. For good. Guaranteed.