How many bugs live in your house?

Ok, I don’t want to freak anyone out. But none of us live in truly bug free homes. As this article shows, the average home has around 100 different species of bugs in it at any one time. Note: that’s 100 different species, not one hundred actual bugs. There are, I’m sorry to say, hundreds of bugs all around you, right now.

As the article points out, though, there is a difference between bugs and pests. A pest is any organism which causes injury, stress or property damage to humans. Thankfully, these are far rarer. With that being said, it happens. Bedbugs, mice, cockroaches, ants, wasps, fleas, carpet beetles, flies – all of these pests and more are very common in Vancouver, just as they are in most cities around the world.

Bugs aren’t a problem. Pests are. If you’re being plagued by pests, call CleanStart today. We’ll get rid of your pests and leave you with nothing but the harmless bugs.