Pest Control Preparation

Pest Control Preparation In Vancouver

Prior to pest control preparation taking place a thorough inspection of the unit will be required
in order to know which type of preparation is needed. Preparing a unit prior to pest control
treatments can save on multiple treatments being done, helping to reduce tenant disruption
and saving money on reducing the amount of treatments needed.

Before pest control preparation can begin we will remove and discard (with approval) unused
items and clutter from the property. Minimizing clutter in a property is beneficial to eliminating
hiding spots from pests, especially bed bugs, increasing the effectiveness of our pest control

All items removed from the unit property will be placed in sealed plastic bags to avoid cross
contamination and discarded in one of our vehicles.

Please see our Pest Control Preparation Information Sheet here.


Current Prices for Pest Control Preparation

  • $129.50/Hr for a Team of 2 Prep Specialists
  • $175/Hr for a Team of 3 Prep Specialists

Cost to remove additional items from the suite at $42.00 per cubic yard