Wasps and Bees

Wasps and Bees

Wasps, bees and hornets are all social insects that have evolved to live in cooperative communities, consisting usually of a single reproductive female (the queen) and a number of sterile drones. The queen, drones and the young, or larvae, are all interdependent on one another for their survival, and so these insects are very territorial and have developed a painful sting to help them defend their nests from other animals. It’s this that brings them so often into conflict with humans. Wasps are considered beneficial insects, in that they prey on other insects and help keep their populations down; however, a wasp nest on your property can be dangerous, especially for those who are allergic. A single sting can cause a fatal reaction, and allergies can develop without warning. Even for those not allergic, multiple stings can become dangerous.

Do you have wasps, bees or hornets?

These insects are most active during the day, and are constantly on the move, so if there’s a nest nearby, you’ll probably know it. Wasps and bees follow the same flight path into their nest every time, and so if you regularly see them in the same area, there’s a good chance there’s a nest nearby. You may even see the nest itself; wasps make papery nests that are usually conical in shape and can be seen in tree branches or under the eaves of houses and other shelter areas. Often, though, wasps will be nesting inside a wall void, and all you’re likely to see is wasps entering and exiting through a small hole.
It’s important to determine whether it’s wasps, bees or hornets that you’re seeing. While wasps and hornets are considered pests, bees are important pollinators. Additionally, bees are extremely reluctant to sting people. Honey bees in particular are considered at risk, and should not be harmed.

How to get rid of Wasps, Bees and Hornets

It is strongly recommended that you do not tackle a wasp nest by yourself. Wasps can be extremely aggressive when it comes to defending their nests, and even if you weren’t allergic last year, you may have become so in the meantime without being aware of it. Even without allergies, wasp stings can be painful and harmful or even fatal in large enough numbers.
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