Pest Control Preparation Sheet

Pest Control Preparation

Prior to pest control preparation one of our technicians will provide a thorough inspection and outline what preparation needs to be done in order to have a successful pest control treatment.

Before pest control preparation can begin we will remove and discard (with approval) unused items and clutter from the property. Minimizing clutter in a property is beneficial to eliminating hiding spots from pests, especially bed bugs, increasing the effectiveness of treatment from the pest control company. All items removed from property will be placed in sealed plastic bags and discarded in one of our vehicles.

Preparation for a Pest Control Chemical Treatment

  1. Working with the tenant, building manager or property Management Company we will remove items that are identified as waste if relevant (not all units need waste items removing).
  2. We will move all accessible furniture, items, etc. away from the walls.
  3. We will launder all bedding and clothing (see below for instructions).
  4. We will vacuum all floor areas and baseboards including closets, once vacuuming has been done we will place the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and dispose immediately in one of our vehicles.
  5. We will vacuum bed frames, box springs and mattresses, paying special attention to the edges, buttons and tufts. Tenants’ shoes must be vacuumed also.
  6. We will empty all closets, dressers, bookshelves, wall units, hutches, etc. throughout the property. Any items removed will be inspected, cleaned, then placed in plastic bags and sealed. All of the above mentioned areas must be vacuumed once they have been emptied to help eliminate any live bedbugs or eggs that may be present. All framed pictures and wall hangings will be removed and vacuumed and placed in a sealed plastic bag.
  7. All food items will be removed from countertops and either disposed or stored in kitchen area.

Preparation for a Pest Control Heat Treatment

  1. We will remove all furniture away from walls
  2. Launder all bedding and clothing (see below for instructions)
  3. All floor areas will be clutter free, including closets, beneath tables and beds
  4. We will empty all closets, dressers, bookshelves, wall units, hutches etc. throughout the property. All of these items will be inspected and cleaned and placed in sealed plastic bags.
  5. We will place the sealed bags in the kitchen, bathroom, or patio. These items WILL NOT be placed on beds, sofas, or tables in order to avoid the heat treatment damaging any of the items in the sealed plastic bags.


We will use plastic bags to place items in to avoid cross contamination within the building, once emptied we will dispose of the bags in one of our vehicles. Once laundered we will use new sealed plastic bags to place freshly laundered items in.

  1. All bedding will be removed and laundered placing freshly laundered items in new sealed plastic bags.
  2. All clothes from storage areas, closets, dressers and any other storage areas will be washed in hot water and placed in a dryer on high heat for minimum of 45 minutes then placed in new sealed plastic bags.
  3. Any items that cannot be laundered should be placed in dryer for minimum of 45 minutes (if possible), if this is not possible we will place items in new sealed plastic bags.

After the pest control company has completed its treatment it is okay to vacuum and/or sweep but do not wash the floors for 4 weeks as this could compromise the treatment.