Wasp attack!

I love stories like this one. Scientists in Australia are working on using three specific species of parasitic wasps to control aphids that are having a devastating effect on potato crops. To us in Vancouver, wasps are a summertime nuisance. But there are many species of wasps around the world, most of which have little to no contact with humans. They prey on other insects, often one particular species, and can be enormously helpful in controlling harmful pests. Using insects to control other insects in this way has the added benefit of reducing the amount of chemical pesticides needed to keep crops growing, and that can only be a good thing, both for human health and for the environment in general.

At Green Frog Pest Control Vancouver, we take our roles as protectors of human health and stewards of the environment very seriously. We never use a pesticide where a solution can be found without one. Pesticides should always be a last resort for dealing with any pest problem. This story is another great example of the principles of Integrated Pest Management being put into practice.